torsdag den 28. januar 2016

still alive

Hi the blog is not dead, i hope to update more often in 2016 :)
i will start with my doll plans for this year.

 i am waiting for a souldoll Junia animal ver.i cant wait as i really love fantasy bjd,s and there is not many mature minis.
and a migidoll jina head, who are going to be used instead of my seniordelf mia head.

i also got a peakswoods romantic ladybug in december. she still need faceup and clothes. 

i am also planing a new dollfie dream in this year. i have allready orded the head a blank ddh 07 from volks. i will name her beatrice, after my favorite umineko character

and last, i got a closed eyed ddh 06 last year. the eye opening took longer than expected. but i am finely satisfied. she is the new Lily and is using the dds body. 
she will have the white for my doll wig after i have given it a cut as it is far to long, and the blond she have in the picture is going to Beatrice

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