søndag den 26. oktober 2014

Dolly plans

I think i would write a little about my curent doll plans

the first is about the dolls i am waiting for, the wait time for abjd and other collectors doll is often a very long one . of abjd i am right now waiting for two soom orders a doll order and a body from their body and parts event.
The doll order shipped a few days ago after a wait of 3 months, i am a little surprised  cause my ealier experience with soom is closer to 4 months. :) i am waiting for their sand elf silky, with an added body since that doll type comes with two heads. it is my first order with two  dolls. i have the wigs for them and is busy sewing clothes so they shall not be naked when they arrive.
I am also still waiting for 2 pureneemos and a small pico neemoo, have been a long time since their wait times for dolls without a limited numbers is insanily long :/ one i have waited for since febuary. 
the pico neemo is ready for shipment so i look forward to see her.

and i still have plans for a lot of sewing, i have not done so much of that lately since i have been busy with crochet. just finished a pot holder for my mother. i have also made some pin cushions like that one below

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