fredag den 26. september 2014

the body is here and the dragon

Venkas body from miro doll arrived fast, the resin match and size is perfect
as i expected it is not the best poser, but it looks great and stand as a rock. and is the money worth <3

i also got the Aileen ashes dragon home, as a dragon lover i really looked forward to his arrival
and he did not disappoint ;) the resin quality is nice, and i love how detailed he is. 
the joints is also built well so he is easy to pose.

blank, he is so adorable

i had the time to blush a little of his face and lower jaw in the last pic. it started raining so i was forced to stop early .

fredag den 19. september 2014

changes lots of changes

i am switching around in the dolls wigs after i decided to keep Venka, since the wig sisva had fit her perfectly

Venka with sisva,s wig, she is shortly using berns body. I have ordered a miro doll msd body for her. 
the body fit the neckhole and is on the less expensive side
 Neris have this one now, have had that wig in a long time and it fit neris better than the other dolls i tried

Sisva took the furwig, i like that it makes her more impish

torsdag den 11. september 2014

Welcome Yoshino

bought  a dearpet Rey from dearmine and now two months later he is here.
i really love the model as it is the same as Emi but with opened eyes.