torsdag den 21. august 2014


I Have changed my kid delf hoodoo to bernkastel from the when they cry series. i have long wished to have a doll as a tribute to that series as it is a long time favorite. i chose Bernkastel as she is both in umineko and higurashi  and i think the hoodooo sculp would work well as her.

she have her Hair from ebay but i need everything else for her. she have burrowed the cat headband for the time

onsdag den 20. august 2014

Dress project

Well the project did not go so well as i hoped

it shall be a cosplay of Bernkasten from when they cry series, the upper part i think is ok but i have to try again on the under skirt, the sleeves and the skirt on the dress still miss
i will pause the project for now and sew some smaller ones in the meantime

søndag den 10. august 2014

Laika and about an upcoming dress project

 a picture of Laika my Mini dollfie dream^^
 love these eyes in her.

i am also working on a bigger dress for an msd, it takes an eternety but will soon post pictures