torsdag den 15. maj 2014

my first dollfie dream

it has been a few weeks since i got her, and some things to her from nine 9 style has arrived
she is a mini dollfie dream standard model rena from volks

i have seen the dd,s before but this is my first mini and version 3, 
she seem a little loose, and can be a bit hard to get to stand compared to some of my better resin dolls, i aslo think my sisters dd ver, 2 is not so loose.

but her body is pretty and sit naturally, and give her a cute cuddly look <3
compared to resin dolls she is also ligher
i love her faceup from voks, her smile is so cute

the eyes are from voks, not her standard, the wig and shirt is from nine9 style.
she wears her standard dress from volks under the shirt

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